Attendance Rule

Attendance Rule

  1. It is compulsory for every student to come to school every day.

  2. The student may be granted only one leave in a month that too for urgent work.

  3. For one day urgent leave the parent will get leave sectioned from the principal and will not take leave without getting leave sectioned.

  4. Parents will not send leave application through WhatsApp or email. If the parent sends the child’s leave application through what’s app and E-mail and then stop sending the child to school, it does not mean that his name has been sanctioned.

  5. If the parents do not get their child's leave sectioned from the principal or their leave have not been sanctioned, yet he/she remains absent his/her name will be struck off from the school rolls and his/ her name will be written again after the re admission fee Rs- 2000/-.

  6. In sick condition the parent of the child will submit the following documents:-
    a. A written application mentioned the illness.
    b. Doctor's prescription.
    c. Medical certificate.
    d. Medically fit certificate.
    Any other documents/ tests showing the disease.

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