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“Culture is the widening of the mind
and of the SPIRIT"
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“Creativity is really another form of play, and play is universally important to each individual’s sense of joy and well-being. Creativity allows the children to enter their happy zone and have fun.”
Activities | Jimp Pioneer School

Adventure and Excursion

"Build resilience, determination and LEADERSHIP”
Activities | Jimp Pioneer School

Physical Excercise / Yoga

“Particiaption in regular physical activities can increase our SELF ESTEEM”
Activities |Jimp Pioneer School

Social Work

“ Build transferable SKILLS ”
Activities | jimppioneerschool

Learning Activities

“Jimp Pioneer School explores new opportunity where every student’s enthusiasm can be accelerated and also sharpen their mind and mentality for a good cause”
Activities |Jimp Pioneer School

Parent Teacher Meeting

“ Great opportunity to open two ways COMMUNICATION for the welfare of kid ”
Activities | jimppioneerschool


“Students of Jimp Pioneer School celebrated Harela festival”
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